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in Tech News - 23 Nov, 2011
by Mukesh - 76 comments
Use SBI Debit Card With Google Wallet Using Entropay VCC

State Bank of India Debit Card, Entropay and Google wallet: For Indians use SBI debit card with Google wallet (checkout) using Entropay virtual credit card for online transaction in cheap cost.

Most of Indians can’t afford Credit card, for those people they can use cheap method for paying online payment through Entropay virtual credit card. Google wallet and entropay both are work smoothly for online transactions.

This is the best and cheap method for Indian’s specially when you don’t have any credit card. Because wallet have a free service from Google there no cost of use of it. Even entropay don’t charged any making fee of Virtual credit card (VCC) or annually charges.

And have reliable and safe for processing online payments. I made different online payments through this methods and it works fine. I purchase own domain name from Go daddy through blogger and paid in dollars. You can also try its easy and safe. Use Sbi Debit Card With Google Wallet Using Entropay Virtual Credit Card Use SBI Debit Card With Google Wallet Using Entropay VCC
getstarted Use SBI Debit Card With Google Wallet Using Entropay VCC

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  • Ankit //

    Really informative post. I also want to register a domain but while registering through google wallet it asks for cvv or cvc code and card experiation date which i don’t have on sbi atm cum debit card. It has only valid from date. I am really confused. I read your another nice post “SBI Card Registration For ATM Debit Card 3D Secure Code” which i bookmarked. And after reading this I thought you will be the right person to answer my querry and guide me. Hoping for the answer.

    thanks in advance.

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Ankit, Well cvv and cvc code code is not available in sbi maestro ATM cum debit card. It available on VISA debit card or Credit card. So you need to apply for additional Visa debit card from your sbi branch. They might be charge Rs 100/ annually.
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  • Ankit //

    Hi! Mr Mukesh, thank you very much for the reply and suggestion. Best wishes……..

  • Shrenuj //

    i am trying to use a debit card in google wallet,but every time i get an error

    “card has been declined.please update your card”

    plz help me

    • Mukesh //

      HI Shrenuj, well you did not mention which debit card you are using currently. As I understand this problem might be face you with maestro card, please try with visa debit card.

  • Ravi //

    Hi,i want to register as an android developer trying putting my PNB(punjab national bank) debit card “MasterCard” on wallet to pay a fee of 25$ but getting the error “card has been declined.please update your card” i had also tried a visa credit card of a friend of mine even then the same error occurs.
    What is the problem,can i pay via entropay virtual credit card by using my pnb debit card ? Please reply :(

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Ravi, You are using pnb master card as you said but for online transaction through entropay vcc you need to grab visa debit card (CVV or CVC code included) from your bank.

  • Ashish Nautiyal //

    Hi,i want to register as an android developer and i have debit card of “Union Bank Of India” powered by Visa but i have same issue as @Ravi explained above.
    so basically i want to know how i can apply for “virtual credit card ” for my debit card.
    please reply :(

    • Mukesh //

      You need to search on google for apply vcc, there are numbers of websites those provide virtual card but they charged some amount for there services. Read carefully before apply

  • Danish //

    Hi, Mukesh. I want to purchase some apps from play store and have tried numerous times to register my VISA debit card of SBI. All the time it give me the error of ‘card declined please update your card’.
    And what about apple iTunes store?

    • Mukesh //

      Do you have 3d secure code for your sbi visa card?

  • jaspreet //

    i want to know the shopping websites which accept entropay virtual visa card.

  • Charlene //

    Hi Sir, I was using SBI Debit Card for loading funds to Entropay. Lastly on 30 July, I successfully completed the transcations. But now I get error when loading Funds to Entropay. My atm card is the old Atm Cum Debit Card Type, not the new Visa enabled one.

  • Ashish //

    Hey Mukesh loved your post

    I am android developer and have developed some apps and want to publish my apps to android market so i went on google wallet to pay my Android developer registration fee of $25 and entered my CANARA banks visa debit cards details but i get the same error AS told by some other comments here as “card has been declined.please update your card” i want you to post proper post on your blog for this topic as registration as Android developer using google wallet for Indian people in you can mention card supported and banks which support google wallet as now(23rd sept 2012) google has added support for Indian merchants plese do post :)

  • Mukesh //

    Thanks Ashish, Well I know your CANARA banks visa debit cards starting two numbers for quick help.
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    • Ashish //

      mukesh it’s 42
      i have question that is it guaranteed that the payment will take place using entropay virtual debit card for google wallet?

  • Vikram Bhatia //

    I want to buy some DVDs through Google wallet costing 20 dollars. I have Visa debit cards [India] in HDFC/ICICI as well as SBI maestro [Mine has a CVV no behind]. So if I use any of these, will they work? Will it deduct in rupees equivalent of said dollars from my account or do i have to pay in dollars?

  • Hardik Sheth //

    Hi Mukesh,

    I need your help in setting up my SBI visa debit card with Google Wallet. I have tried every possible thing to link the card; cross checked the information number of times such as Card no.,CVV & address and still it says card declined. Finally i visited the bank & they said there is no problem from their side, there are no blocks as well on any transactions. So i am clueless why is it happening, this is seriously annoying. Please help me to get it sorted.

    Thank You
    Hardik Sheth

  • Vikram Bhatia //

    Ok, now Visa cards does not mean the debit cards will work online in foreign transactions.Both SBI & ICICI told me international visa cards means they can be used in atms outside India, but thats it. HDFC however through netbanking allows you to generate a virtual net debit card online. Specify an amount limit and use it like a debit card online with it’s own card no, CVV no etc. Its a simple process that takes like 2 mins to generate. Now use this new virtual card details like card no, CVV, expiry date etc and you should get online stuff overseas through Google wallet. The card can be used only for one transaction and it will expire after 24 hours. When setting amount limit to restrict the transaction online from being overcharged keep in mind you will be deducted 12.5% service tax and 3.5 & transaction fee if it involves converting your rupees in foreign currency for transaction. example if you buy a DVD for $20 net [Rs 1000 for eg.], Then consider Rs 125 extra for service tax and rs 35 for bank fee for conversion. If you spend less then the amount set in limit, the balance will be transferred within a month for debit card and a week for credit card in your account. I made a couple of successful purchases yesterday.

  • arunji //

    i want to buy a domain but google wallet says Oct 16
    An attempt to charge $10.00 to VISA xxx-xxxx failed. You must update your payment information within 7 days or your order will be cancelled.
    what can i do please help me

  • Varun //

    i was trying to use canara bank debit card in entropay….after registration when i entered card number n everything else required it came “Your Transaction Cannot Be Processed”…please help me sir

  • MINESH //

    Hello,my name is minesh.I am trying to register for publishing apps in Google Play store.I want to SBI DEBIT VISA card.and my problem is that my card is getting rejected.it is not accepting my card and giving an error.Today I have activated my card for internet banking.what should I do now.Is virtual card necessary or my debit visa card wil work.

    Thank you

  • Ankit //

    thanks for the valuable post but unfortunately iTunes is not accepting entropay visa card for Indian.
    its now become totally waste. i don’t know how to purchase apps.
    can you tell me any alternative solution to get something which can help me to purchase through iTunes?
    none of my card is working there ! i have SBI Platinum visa debit card
    and bank of india master gold card both all were rejected by itunes :(

    can i purchase itunes app through google wallet?

    • Mukesh //

      Attach your Entropay virtual card with PayPal and then pay to iTunes store with paypal account

  • afsal //

    I am using federal bank’s debit card its shows error

  • Divyendu //

    hi, I am not able to purchase apps from play store . I have pnb debit mastercard. I tried to purchase but it keeps on popping out a message that “your card is been declined , please update your info.”

    Please help me out. I am trying out since 1month.
    please help…..

    • Mukesh //

      Generate 3D secure code for debit card before attach to Google wallet. Transaction works with Visa debit card only.

  • ketan //

    sir,i used google wallet for payment of my whatsapp messenger through my visa debit card but it declined all the time and they charged me 100 INR for nothing so what to do in this case?google said its authorisation charge and it isn’t actual charge but it was successfully debited from my account.please help me to get a refund.

  • Mallika //

    Mukesh Sir

    I have been trying since today morning to link my SBI VISA DEBIT CARD with google wallet. It constantly says, failed to authenticate your card. Please contact your bank if problem persists.
    But my card is perfectly fine, I am facing no difficulty otherwise in making online transactions on other sites or to withdraw money from ATM. I really want to purchase some apps from google playstore and google wallet seems to be the only way to make payments. Please help.

    • Mukesh //

      As I assume that you did not activate 3d secure code for your visa debit card. It is a necessary step for online transaction of Indian debit card.

      • krishna sai nunna //


        i have SBI DEBIT card(VISA) which has 3D secure code but

        when it try to add payment method in google wallet it show error

        “invalid credit card”

        • Mukesh //

          Google wallet may be accepts credit card in India not debit card in wallet account card attachment.

  • Lavit Katare //

    Will SBI Silver VISA DEBATE Card work with google wallet?? I have tried using SBI Classic Visa Card but it didnt worked..

  • Rachit //

    Hi there…Is it compulsory to have Google wallet account before registering for Google play store developer account? I am trying to create “Google play store developer account” using my friends debit card
    but it is throwing “Invalid credit card” even it is valid. I want to create such account please anybody help
    Thanks in advance…

    • Lavit Katare //

      If u r using SBI Classic VISA Debate Card then it wont work..I have tried ICICI VISA Debate card and it worked..

  • Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh.Some days ago I want to buy a custom domain from blogger (go daddy) but they want credit card but i have no credit card.
    please tell me,
    can i buy this domain with master card or visa card from Bangladesh.
    and Where I get vcc or cvv code.

    • Mukesh //

      Go Entropay for credit card.

  • Yajna //

    mine is ICICI Debit card (Visa). the card number starts with 47. I was trying to submit the google developer dashboard one time registration fee (Google web store)and it got declined. Please let me know what to do.

    • Mukesh //

      Attach visa card with google wallet first.

  • Aneesha //

    I tried adding my karur vyasya bank debit card to google wallet but its failed.what o do?which bank cards will it support?

  • jithu //


    i just try to register a Google developer account using my IOB debit card,after entering the card details it shows your card is declined.but Google take 50 Rupees from my account ,i searched in web then they say that it is authorization fee.why they not accepting the card ,but they take the authorization fees?can i use this card for purchase in Google play.give me a replay.

  • jaskarangill94 //

    When I register.. They say error while retrieving information from server on my sbi visa card

  • Khushi //

    Hi Mukesh,

    You mentioned that your SBI Entropay virtual credit card got accepted.
    I tried my VCC card from kotak for what’s up application today.
    Though Rs.50 got deducted from my VCC card as Google Authorization charges, but at the same time it got cancelled as VCC can’t be used twice.

    So my concern is, if i again try NEW VCC card, will again 50 got deducted as google authorization charges, if yes then it will again result in cancellation as after creating VCC, we can’t able to use VCC card twice.

    Please help as what other option we have for what’s up application.

    • Mukesh //

      Hi, It might be problem from Google wallet end, I think you should be mail to Google wallet and describe the whole thing.

  • somesh //

    hi mukesh
    i am new to online shoping, wanted to purchase coins in android game. i hav sbi debit card silver and received the 3d secure pin, should i register to google wallet and start purchasing? i mean to say why do i need entropey vcc? does entropay expires after one time purchase? plz help. thnk you.

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Somesh entropay vcc card is valid for one year and it is auto renew with minimal charges. After getting vcc register for google wallet and add vcc as a credit card in wallet account.

  • Puia //

    Hi Mukesh..i got this error when buying apps from google playstore.
    Google has cancelled this purchase.
    Comments from Google: We have cancelled your order because your account is on hold.
    I use entropay and got sufficient funds to buy apps.Please help

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Puia, I think your account is new and Google not verify your account, please contact to support it is a problem of account verification.

  • Dipanjan Bera //

    I have United Bank Of India Intentional Visa Debit card and done lots
    of successful online transaction . But don,t know why when i apply for Google play developer registration it continuously Showing “Invalid Credit Card” even i can’t add my card in Google wallet showing error “There was a problem authorizing your card. Contact your bank if this problem continues.”

    Sir,Please help me as i urgently require that.

    • Mukesh //

      It gives error because your card is visa debit card not ‘credit card’… You need to have a credit card..

      • Dipanjan Bera //

        But Sir in google play devoloper registration page , there exists field named as “Enter Credit or debit card no”. that means they also support debit card. Confused with this pls help sir.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Mukesh //

          Google play store accept payment through Google wallet only and Wallet accept credit card in India…As you seen “Invalid credit card” error while adding visa debit card. If it throw an error like “There was a problem authorizing your card. Contact your bank if this problem continues.” So visit your bank branch.

  • Rohit //

    Hello sir can u plz tell me the full procedure for opening google developer account..Can i use my frndz credit card for opening the account …?

    • Mukesh //

      You ask better from your friend he allows you to use his credit card…

  • Ankit Thakur //

    I am not able to add my SBI debit card details on Google Play when trying to purchase a app.

    Can you advise anything

    • Mukesh //

      Try credit card…

  • Rohit //

    one more question,if i use my frndz credit card then how i recieve payment from google? Or there i can give my bank account details? Is they asking for the bank swift code as my bank does not have a swift code..

    • Hi Rohit,
      I am also facing the same problem. Did you manage create an account successfully, do reply.

  • shiban //

    I have sbi visa debit card.Can i add fund to entropay using this visa card?
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  • Niyon //

    Thank you for the post.

    But I’ve another question: Can I use Google wallet using SBI virtual card directly without Entropay? Because SBI virtual card is limited to use only within the country, not for international payments.

    • Mukesh //

      Never use SBI virtual card, No idea.

  • Prathamesh Bhosale //

    entropay vcc is good but i would like to use more vcc ,can anyone tell me about more companies which offer similar cards.pls reply fast

  • Puneet Jain //

    I want to register my Gmail account on the Android Developer Console, to publish my Android App.
    I tried to add my
    * SBI Silver Visa Debit Card which has “Verified By Visa Enabled”
    * HDFC Visa credit card
    * ICICI bankVisa Debit Card
    * VCC from ENTROPAY
    Every time I get this error message
    “Your card has been declined. Please update this card.”
    Money is getting deduced from my ENTROPAY VCC for every attempt I make.
    I have spend days trying to find a solution.
    Please, please help me.

    • Mukesh //

      Your Indian bank debit/credit can’t be add directly to android developer account. You need to attach your bank debit or credit card with entropay vcc and then add/load money to entropay vcc through your bank card. After transferring your money to VCC then go to android developer account and add entropay VCC as a card there. I am sure it will work. :)

      Please write your experience here.

  • chiduruppula sharath //

    I have canara bank debit card. I buy VCC for my debit card from entropay .But still the google wallet shows error message “your credit card cannot be accepted” what I should do ? Please help me ?

  • raj kohli //

    Hello, i just created a Entropay vcc and have topped it up with USD5 to buy a gig from fiverr, but when i tried using it in pay by credit card option it says that the transaction has been declined by the card issuer.

    CAn anyone help me on this??

  • Manojit Ghosh //

    Does this method still work? I need to use Google Wallet for some important projects and it does not accept SBI Debit Cards.

    • Mukesh //

      Article is published two years ago. Please search on Google regarding the same.

  • sagar //

    I want to buy a game from Google playstore and I am using visa debit card of SBI bank the card gets error

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