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in - 13 Dec, 2012
by - 2 comments
SEO Over Optimization and Penalty for Websites

Despite the prominence of social media networks, traffic coming from search engines remains crucial for online merchants. But too intense focus on search engine optimization at the expense of attention to the buyers grant can damage online business.

The biggest problem regarding optimization and usability is that you can make changes that are visible to users, and changes that go unnoticed. And the challenge comes when changes are visible. Examples of changes that go unnoticed can be optimized page loading speed site, changing title tags or meta descriptions – even though they are visible in search results.

But when users visit a page, not paying attention to the title page or meta descriptions source code. So when it comes to usability problems, we refer to the visible content of the page changes. Airworthiness is one of the biggest problems that can affect both SEO and usability (such as faster browsing and sorting of products in utility function), you make SEO changes in these ways, you can create problems users.

So, no matter how tempting it might be to make changes in terms of navigation (which could be useful for SEO), you have all chances to affect users’ ability to traverse the site. Because if it’s SEO, it is essential that changes be perceived correctly by search engines to be able to guide users to the pages they want to access them.

Often, people optimize pages using the keywords, the tool, most times, they do not have the desired effect, breadcrumb navigation and sites they do not help very much either, on the contrary, I look stupid textual content in poorly written information.

It is important to ensure that the site content, layout, navigation instructions and related keywords and use them together makes sense, because Google statistics regarding the keywords are not necessarily send customers to your products, is important for the optimization to be done considering the traditions users.

In terms of optimizing the quantity not only help so much, but can actually harm a site, it is preferably a clean site with relevant views by searches. Search engines want to provide users an enjoyable experience, let us assume that you have created a great site for users and have extremely good results, but Google will not reward the same extent as your competitors, in this case, Google is the one that not do the job, not you.

That does not mean you will repay at a time when the fault will be notified, will ensure that you will rank better than your competitors’, because that is the goal.

Now we compare the traffic from search engines and social media traffic, there are major differences, of course, for social media, as has the name, is an environment for socialization, nobody wants to go on a social network to compare products and prices, therefore, the aim is interaction, communication. The best SEO is guided by content, and good content should be promoted – this is where the role of social media.

There are plenty of other posts founds over Internet that may help to understand too much use of SEO. Google plans SEO over-optimization penalty, press release on PR web, How to identify SEO over optimized blog or website?, These few points can help to over come SEO penelty.

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  • Philip //

    Hi SK chouhan,

    I thin over optimzation has been a topic since SEO was invented ;-) In my eyes you just shouldn’t do it. I do basic SEO on my blog and deliver top notch content. And guess what? It works without too many tricks and whistles.

    just do some keyword research, add H1 and H2, add tags and that’s it. (Okay maybe not at all, but you get the catch)

    Philip recently posted..BounceRate Annihilator – Free Bounce Rate Plugin ReviewMy Profile

    • Mukesh //

      Good work Philip and thanks for sharing us :)

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