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in - 23 Mar, 2013
by Mukesh - no comments
Search Engine Optimization and Online Public Relations

We are already aware that all content primarily for web pages. To effectively promote your products and services and to get noticed as a leader in the industry you are in, you should follow the safest route: writing and publishing articles. The main benefit is that while you enrich the content of articles indexed by search engines, page rank of your site increases, and the company is exposed and promoted in parallel.

Here are some tips to a flying start.
Add phrases and popular keywords in the articles you write, make sure you highlight them using Headings sites, or include them in titles, subtitles and abstracts of articles. It is important that these keywords or phrases may appear on your website. Their placement and search terms can help you achieve prospectuses and ensure media visibility when your items are displayed in the result pages of search engines.

Include links in your website: whether it is the authors’ names and text items, if you are going to write something, try to include your website link in the body of your article. This is the best way to get links to other sites, without having to return the favor.

JOIN open channels – journalists rely heavily on search engines when doing studies and research. To promote press releases to index them and get a good page rank, you should take into account the presence service sites which distribute articles. They send press releases to major search engines including Google and Yahoo. Also, these channels deal with optimizing your articles for optimal inclusion in search engines.

Identify the most suitable sites to promote your items, after you have optimized platforms looking to sign them. There are hundreds of websites, if not thousands of publishers looking for quality content. It is preferable to find websites that have high traffic and have targeted the same audience that you target. To find these sites, just search, simply Google, “deposit / transfer items” or “articles directory”.

Alarm lists articles – it’s newsletters or ezines groups (ezine) that allow “announcement” articles to thousands of publishers and editors, instant. Most of these lists are sent daily alarm subscribers (Subscribers). This means that your article will circulate to key editors and publishers in a short time.

Basically, writing and distributing articles is one of the most promising ways to increase rankings of your website in search engines. During this process, you will benefit from building quality links and SEO-friendly to your website, earning sympathy publishers and distributing your knowledge.

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