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in - 15 May, 2012
by Mukesh - 91 comments
Payza Verification and Online Payment Transfer in India

As we know alertpay become payza.com on May 14, 2012.  So there would be some FAQ and troubleshooting with Payza payment transfer. I am having an account in Alertpay now payza since from 2011 feb.  Open an account to payza is free to any memberships. I recommend start with ‘personal starter’ account because sending and receiving money online free upto $400/ month or 2000 USD.

When your business grows in future then simply upgrade to personal pro or business membership. Dealing in foreign currencies, converting and exchanging LR to payza money, online shopping or payment transaction with payza could be affordable and best alternative payment method rather then other online payment processors.

Some of questions could be for Indians while sending and receiving money using Payza . e.g

Deposit money or Add fund to Payza from India[like_to_read]

This is important to Indians how to deposit money to payza account. Most of Indian bank does not support online transaction with third party payment processors.

The reason behind this RBI, reserve bank of India does not allow to Indian banks for transaction with other online payment processor in India.

But beside this you can still add fund and deposit money to your payza account from India.

Deposit Money to Payza from India
By Check or Money order: Certified cheque or MO acceptable to deposit money to payza account, It should be in USD. Amount will be deposited within 2 business days after receiving.

Bank Wire  Transfer: Charges to deposit fund by bank wire is 20 USD.

Credit card: Funding through CC to payza e-wallet not acceptable from India, I am not sure but personal pro or business membership may be have this facility with e wallet but not in personal starter account.

Withdraw fund from Payza.com to India
Bank wire fee charges is 15 USD to withdraw money in India from Payza account. Other wise requesting a check to withdraw money that is free but withdraw currencies available in USD, Euro and GBP only

Payza currency conversion rate in India is 2.5% and they can adjust it regularly.  Higher fee would be apply for some industries that varies 3.90%+Rs28 receiving money.

Payza account verification process for Indians
Verification can be done with three options you can verify your account throgh bank wire transfer,  by withdraw a check or through Credit card. There would be nominal charges upto 2USD for verify account with Credit card. To avoid charges go for manually verification. In this option you have to upload a scanned copy of authorization form and Id proof documents.

How to  upgrade or downgrade payza account:
Sign in payza account, click on My profile option from top menu bar. You can see upgrade/downgrade account option click on it,  choose the membership  that is best for you:).

Contact to payza by making call or email:
By call Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST Canada: +1-514-787-1840 USA: +1-917-720-1220 UK: +44-203-519-0003
By email visit to https://helpdesk.payza.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

Payza official mailing contact address:
Payza Processing Center
8255 Mountain Sights,
Suite 100 Montréal, Québec, Canada, H4P-2B5

I have added best of  my side but you should confirm before using payza. If anything else you always welcome. icon smile Payza Verification and Online Payment Transfer in India


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  • Abhijit //

    Is there anyway I can withdraw funds from my payza account into my credit card or bank account? If that is so , how to do it?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi abhijit, yes you can withdraw money in india from your payza account. Request a check or bank wire, a cheque currencies available in USD, GBP and Euro. Read carefully above post.

      • julius //

        Hello every one! i really need help. i am in Uganda working on my non profit organization call SUPPORT AID FOR THE OPPRESSED WORKERS(SAFOWS) but its not yet registered yet even the website is being worked on by iteq global media and this is a continuation! so i opened up business account but everything seems had! is it possible to open up and i perhaps add the available information per now! i also made a mistake somewhere which i dont know if its reversible! i dont want to verify with mail! please help!

  • Abhijit //

    But in my payza account whenever I am clicking on check as a withdrawal method it says the service is not available.

    • Mukesh //

      There should be an option for EFT and mail fund transfer from bank wire/ transfer or check under withdraw funds check this picture. If not available, submit a request to payza support from your account. Might be a bug.

  • Abhijit //

    The picture you have sent is what I am getting over here. But as soon as I click on check option. I am getting this service is temporarily unavailable. Bank transfer is I have added a bank about a week back and its still not activated for withdrawal.

  • Abhijit //

    Do you have a personal pro account or personal starter? Does this makes a difference?


    To Mukesh.

    Hi this is Roopashree.s. Maindan I have a some amount of money in my paya a/c. Now i want it to withdraw to sbi account in India. How I can withdraw through bankwire or send onlinee please response me as soon as possible.

    • Mukesh //

      You can withdraw amount through bank wire and requesting check (min amount $20). If you read this article carefully you can find your answer within the post. Roopesh s maidan, you should check this picture, definitely you get some idea about withdraw.

  • Abhijit //

    Dear Mukesh,

    Is the check withdrawal is active only if you have money in your account? or else it does not gets activated, something like that?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Abhijit, there would be a condition but I am not sure. I have two accounts in payza, one in personal pro and another is personal starter. Both have few dollars. So there is always an option for withdraw money through check in both accounts.

  • payza //

    You should have minimum 20$ to withdraw through check

    Otherwise it will say, check withdraw not available


    Yes now indian members can fund their account with indian credit card. Not debit card

    • Mukesh //

      Thanks payza admin, for clarification.

      Now it should be clear to all payza members for withdraw through check, you need to minimum 20USD into your account other wise it says Not Available.
      Mukesh recently posted..Payza Verification and Online Payment Transfer in IndiaMy Profile

    • Rajan B Guru //

      No No No NO NO No. It is not true. I clicked check withdraw option with $45 balance and it said that same error message.
      Since January 2011, I’m struggling to withdraw my balance to my bank or credit card accounts. By default they disabled check and bank transfer withdraw options. It means those options available to click only. Not for withdrawing funds. And another available option is “Bank Wire”. Fee for Bank wire options USD $15.00 :(

      So I have to pay $15.00 to withdraw my $15.00 balance. I’m not blaming Payza people for this fee. At-least they should activate check
      withdraw option. But locking all available options is like giving trouble to its
      own users. Yes. Now I could not able to
      withdraw my funds and it is locked at Payza.

      Check the screenshots for the same: http://imgur.com/a/UpAqO

      Caution: Do not talk about their support. They have simple template
      to answer all of their customers.

      • Mukesh //

        Well Rajan, I contacted to payza support regarding same issue on 28 June. An auto generator email received with ticket id after submitting issue but till date they did not respond. I will update ASAP when any input come from payza support.

  • Abhijit //

    oh great thanks Mukesh for the clarification. I have now understood. And Mukesh could you please tell us what is the difference between the accounts? Like personal starter, personal pro and business? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I had opened an account by mistake a business account from alertpay, now I want to downgrade it. I have sent several mails and support tickets regarding this matter, but I am still unable to do so. My ticket id is= FHP-151-72724.
    I would highly appreciate if Payza downgrade my account so that I can at least do some online transaction with it.

    • Mukesh //

      I think you should enjoy with your business membership. There are many benefits with these memberships for more visit and click on Signup button, but i like most payza referral program, by this you can earn with each member if they signup under your link. You should check and browse your account for this. For downgrade read updated post again.

  • Hi Mukesh,
    I have heard several stories that Payza is a scam and they are not willing to pay the Indians. Are bank wires successful in India? Have you done any withdrawl from Payza to your bank account in India through bank wires?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Vineet, Like you I also heard same kind of stories. I did not say to use their services, I am telling you about their work and my experience. Well I received payments from other alertpay members into my account and vice versa.

  • Abdullah //

    Hi this is Abdullah. Maindan I have a some amount of money in my payza a/c. Now i want it to withdraw to andhra bank account in India. How I can withdraw through bankwire or send online please response me as soon as possible.

    • Mukesh //

      How much money you have in your account? Minimum 20USD need to withdraw through check.

  • shehzad akbar baloch //

    hi how are i am from balochistan and i need your help i have payza account and i want to verify my account but i have a problem you please help me how i verify my account and how i withdraw

    • Mukesh //

      Hi shehzad, I think you are from balochistan, Pakistan and I heard Payza verification and withdraw method is easy in pakistan as comparison to India. Whatever, Please share your problem..
      Mukesh recently posted..Blog Traffic Rocks Again After 3 Days DownMy Profile

  • fred //

    bonjour, depuis la fusion de payza , il aurais comme qui dirait de l’aérnaque dans l’air , de nombreusse plainte on etais depossee poure escrocrie –et oui il paye les parrainage mais ensuite apres il ne vous repondrons meme plus et fermerons vos compte –une enquete est ouverte pour escrocrie , donc faite attentions a ce site .

  • srinivas kashyap //

    Hi Muskesh,

    In one one of the above posts payza admin said that Indian members can fund their account with help of Indian credit card. Pls confirm after validation can indians use the credit card for funding the account directly.

  • sudhir //


    Can you get donation button from payza like paypal?

    • Mukesh //

      Upgrade your payza account to personal pro, you will find option for payza button for websites.

  • abokixchanger //

    I sent a money order to Payza since 6weeks now and Payza has not credit my account since.

    Today is 29th June 2012 and still WAITING.
    will i have to request for the funds through my account?
    If yes what is there payment email.


  • sam //

    can i transfer money from one payza account to another??
    If possible tell me how?Please..

  • Mukesh //

    Of course sam, you can transfer to payza to payza payments. Sign in your payza account, there is a send funds button, enter other member email id in ‘To’, amount, select currency, select purchase type and note (optional) then confirm and complete the transaction.
    Mukesh recently posted..Free Web Hosting and Cheap Hosting Review, Why do not Fit?My Profile

  • tanveer //

    Hello admin..

    i got payment on my payzaa.com.. it’s nearly 50$ but when i try to withdraw the funds it’s saying account unverified. i already added my bank details to it.. but to no use..
    when i registered in payza. its wants to verify bank account.

    when i select the option bank account in bank confirmation, its asks to add a bank account. when i selected that its asks information details and i cannot find my country in the account information pannel.

    i opened ticket last week but till now no response from them..

  • kumaraguru A //

    I have sent a withdrawal request to Payza.com. I am from India. So, I was asked to send my request to payza through my banker. To which email id, my banker has to send my requisition. There is no provision in the website to send my request. I request step by step instructions to withdraw my amount through wire transfer to my bank account. My account is unverified. Is there any other method for withdrawal from India. Please guide me.
    thank you in advance,

    • Mukesh //

      Hi kumaraguru, Well payza also provide withdraw through check (as said on their site) but this option not working for Indians. Many members report issue but still there is no action from their side.

      If you can;t withdraw your money so go for exchange option or invest your payza money.

  • kumaraguru A //

    I have raised a ticket about getting email id to send my request through my banker in the blog for payza.com and asked questions in twitter in this regard. I didn’t get no replay. My amount is under pending withdrawal. So, request proper guidance.
    thank you,

    • Mukesh //

      I also raised request for check withdrawal issue from payza account in India on 29 june but still no response, might be they are not interested for good business. Don’t expect any response (advice)

      • Mukesh //

        Oh wait I got reply today after 18 days:
        Dear Payza Customer,

        Thank you for contacting us.

        We truly apologize for the delay in responding to your query. Your Payza Customer Support Team has been working hard to provide the quickest and most efficient service possible in the face of growing demand.

        However, we have been experiencing a very high volume of emails and calls which has affected our response time. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

        In order to help speed up the response time to our customers, please see the following Frequently Asked Questions related to the nature of your inquiry; these are brief answers that we hope may answer some of your questions.

        If you still require assistance after reading these, please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

        1. Why is my check deposit still pending?

        It can take up to 3 weeks for us to receive your deposit as we are located in Montreal, Canada. We are not responsible for any delays due to the postal service. Once we receive your deposit the funds are credited to your account within 1-2 business days.

        If your Money Order/Check deposit has not yet been completed, please provide us with the following information so that we may locate your funds:

        Serial/Check Number:
        Date Sent:

        2. My tracking number shows that you received my check and/or my bank says that you cashed my check a while ago, so why aren’t the funds in my Payza account?

        While it is likely that we received your check and it was cleared in our bank, we may not have sufficient information available to credit your Payza account. If you have provided an invalid reference number, or did not include one at all, then we cannot complete the transaction. Please provide us with the following information so that we may locate your funds:

        Serial/Check Number:
        Date Sent:

        3. Where is my check withdrawal?

        Once your withdrawal transaction shows as ‘completed’ in your Payza account, the check is sent out by regular post from our office in Montreal, Canada. We issue the check to the name and address listed on your Payza profile. It can take between 1 to 3 weeks for you to receive your check in the mail, depending on where you live in the USA.

        We are not responsible for any delays caused by the postal service.

        4. My check still hasn’t arrived at my address and it has been over 3 weeks, how can I cancel the check?

        Before canceling the check, please advise us if the address on your profile is correct.

        A $30.00 USD check cancellation fee will apply should you need the check canceled and the funds returned to your Payza account immediately. However if you wait 60 days for the check to expire, the check cancellation fee is $4.00.

        Please reply to this email and advise us if you would like to cancel the check and pay the fee.

        5. Why is my check withdrawal still pending?

        Once you initiate a check withdrawal transaction, your request is completed within 2-4 business days, this does not include weekends or holidays.

        Sometimes a withdrawal will take longer to process, however an email is sent to you with the details as to why it has been delayed.

        Again, please accept our apologies.

        Thanks for your patience and understanding.

        Customer Support Supervisor

        Ticket Details
        Ticket ID: ATH-800-92969
        Department: Check/Money Order Inquiries
        Type: Issue
        Status: Escalated
        Priority: High

  • billa //

    hi mukesh.. this is billa … i have acount on payza and i want to transfer the money to my sbi account(india) but dont have credit card. i have only debit card for that sbi account. is there any possible way to get my money from payza to sbi.. please help me. i hope you will reply me..

  • please tell me how can I transfer money from my debit card to payza account

  • Shanthi //

    I have a Payza Personal Starter account. How can i transfer money from my credit card to payza account

  • Mukesh //

    @billa, Get Virtual credit card.
    @Ravinder, you can’t add direct money from Indian debit card to payza account.
    @ Shanthi, you need to validate your credit card before add money to payza account.

    • rohith //

      sir, i dont have credit card i do have a debit card of sbi, i am trying to add funds by debit card in my starter account.it seems that my card issuer is not allowing the transaction.what should i do to add funds to the payza account.

      • Mukesh //

        HI rohith, you can add funds into your payza account through bank wire and by check or money order

  • deb //

    Now please tell me clearly how can i withdraw money in India from Payza account because cheque withdrawal is temporarily not available. only wire transfer is possible but how? Is it possible through SBI,Axis or ICICI or any other bank if yes then what are the requirements? One of the commenter has mentioned about currency conversion for withdrawal…but how. If any body can explain in details we will be very helpful.

  • Hello MR. Mukesh Namasty!
    i am from india, i want to add funds in my Payza account,
    can u plz let me know, is there charge any commission or % when i add funds in it.
    and whenever i will withdraw too.
    actually i am works in zeekrewards online business eanring.

    • AP //

      I can fund for you with your credit card Payza will charge 3.5%.

      I can transfer Payza to you. Transfer fees is 2.5%+0.25USD.


  • Ashish //

    Hi Mukesh,
    I need some advice from you regarding my payza a/c verfication. I registered using my icici debit card and these guyz have deducted a small amount from my icici a/c. Now payza wants me to provide the amount debited from icici a/c in USD. The a/c statement shows the amount in Rs and not in dollars.I contacted the customer care but even they could not provide me the value in dollars.
    kindly help


  • Hello sir,

    Iam from India. I signed up for payza. I used credit card verification method to verify my account. They dedudcted some Rs 86 from my account. However to verify the currency entered must be in USD. I asked my bank (AXIS Bank) For amount in USD. They said they have no info about that. I emailed payza couple of time to know the conversion rate so i can calculate and enter amount in USA. But got no reply. Tried to call them.there phone line is always busy. Bank wire verification is not supported in India. Can you suggest any other ways???
    Thanks in advance

    • Mukesh //

      @Ashish and @Harinder, Your payza account currency preference is Dollars.
      Both you need to change ‘Payment Receiving Preferences’ settings.
      For this settings,
      login to payza account> click on green button (my payza account, main menu)>
      click on ‘payment preferences’ from ‘manage my money’ category then click on ‘Accept payment and open that currency balance’ and save setting.

      With this setting your all receiving and account transaction payment automatically converts in Rupees and when you want to verify payza account from Indian bank after this setting, I hope it ask amount in Rupees not in dollars. Add exact amount that deducted when payza debited from your bank account :)

      Reply back, if it works!

      • Ashish //

        Hey Mukesh…

        Thanks for reply man. But that change in settings didn’t work for me. It keeps on asking to enter the amount in Dollars. Do i have any other go?


        • Mukesh //

          Contact to payza support.

          • AP //

            Check your credit card unbilled/billed transactions, it will show you total dollars charges to your credit card.


  • bhuvnesh //

    Hi mukesh
    Can u tell me who is the best payza or paypal for indian customer to transfer the fund in their bank a/c.

    • Mukesh //

      Paypal is easy and best payment processor as compare to payza.

  • Noorallah Ali //

    I am having problems withdrawing funds from my Payza account.

    I go into “Withdraw funds”
    then click “Bank transfer”
    then entered the amount and click “Next” and I keep getting this message:

    “The bank account that you selected does not support withdrawal at this time.If you have any questions, please contact Customer support”

    By the way my account is verified. No point calling Payza because you can’t get thru, very frustrating!

  • KDB //

    Hi, ahh, I have a unverified payza account and some bucks in it. I want to withdraw my money. I’m a student, I don’t have credit card or voter cards. Is there a way to do that?

    Using alertexchanger.com and western union?

    Any better?
    KDB recently posted..How to Get a PS Vita For Free(No Scam, but needs Patience)My Profile

  • jassu //

    Hiii mukesh …
    I recently created account in payza & now i have money in my payza account in USD.I verified my Bank account in payza and now my problem is ,if i keep transfer in bank transfer method ,is USD is automatically converted into INR ?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi jassu, Yes, it will be automatically convert into INR:). If you withdraw your money through bank transfer option (Bank transfers to your local account in India). Fee is Rs. 270/- + 2.5% currency conversion.

  • Sachin //

    I cashed out $500 from payza on 27th, still haven’t received the money. It still shows pending, how much more time?

    • Mukesh //

      Withdrawal will take 4-5 business days.

  • vicky //

    Hello Mukesh,
    I want to know that how to send money from payza to SBI(india). Please help me to know about the topic.

  • vineet //

    Hi Mukesh,

    How do you know much about payza. I have few queries like as my transactions are automatically getting declined. Can you plz help?


    • Mukesh //

      Review payza withdraw request before apply again, They have few conditions to withdraw money to India.

  • Hello Mukesh,

    I’ve a doubt..

    If i’ve vcc can i verify it to payza?and my vcc is made from sbi debit card so can i withdraw the money to my sbi acc.?

    If i don’t want to withdraw but just want to send and receive payments,is it compulsory to be verified at payza??. Can we use unverified payza account??

    plzz reply as soon as possible :)
    Abhijith Nair recently posted..Blackhat CodeMy Profile

    • Mukesh //

      Verified a/c is must for any payment processor before withdraw money.

      • Hello Mukesh..

        I don’t want to withdraw my money but can i receive and make payments using unverified payza account??
        Abhijith Nair recently posted..Blackhat CodeMy Profile

  • anand meghwal //

    i m unable to convert my payza balance to indian ruppes……how can i convert it? can i withdraw money to my bank account ? if i withdraw in us dollars then how can i use it?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi Anand, There is no need to convert currency from your end. Payza started auto currency conversion in your local currency when you withdraw money into your bank account, They charged fee for it & after deduction of withdraw fee + currency conversion fee, total amount will be send to your account.

  • jassu //

    Hii Mukesh …..

    i had 193$ in my payza account ..i want to withdraw my money through bankwire..so How much taxes will cut & finally i must will i get?

    • Mukesh //

      Hi jassu, You will get net amount after withdraw charges (bank transfer India minimum Rs 270/- or more *subject to changes) + currency conversion rate (2.5% again *subject to changes).

      • raja //

        Hi if u dont i will pay u money, can u send me payza funds iam in urgent, Pls any body can help me

    • raja //

      Hi if u dont i will pay u money, can u send me payza funds iam in urgent, Pls any body can help me

  • rajesh //

    hello sir..i am from india and my 300.06$ is in pending status for withdraw since 29 aug 2012. and over 400$ is in my payza account..now 140$ has been reversed from my payza account..i am very disappointed with payza ..because they doesnt withdraw my money and even they cant save my money..
    300.06$ is pending for withdraw
    260.63$ is in my payza account currently
    140$ is reversed
    my total money is 300.06 + 260.63 + 140 = 700.69$ and i got nothing :((

    • Mukesh //

      Rajesh, you need to send a ticket to payza with details and proofs. This problem can solve only by payza supports.

  • emanuel //

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    but I never found any fascinating article like yours.
    It is lovely value sufficient for me. In my view,
    if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you probably did, the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.
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  • R //

    Hi,Mukesh,can i still verify my payza account by depositing money to payza through bank transfer?because in verifications it shows only documents verifications…

  • saquib //

    Hi i want to add funds to my payza account but my local sbi bank unable to process for swift transfer in ujjain. i’m seeing certified check or cashier’s cheque yet to transfer via this method. so pls help me to deposit money to my payza account.

    Thank you

  • I don’t know why but I’m unable to fund to my e-wallet through credit card. It’s saying – Your transaction has been declined. Please contact Customer Support for assistance. Error: 236 .. Any idea how to overcome this issue ?
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Now Possible with Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 – TutorialMy Profile

  • aditya //

    im 18 and using neo bux for 2-3 months how can i withdraw money using alertpay or payza
    how to make alertpay card
    and i dont know non of these things so plz teach me in depth
    contact on addy0076@gmail.com

    • Mukesh //

      You can request a cheque from them.

  • Rahul //

    Hi Mukesh
    How will i transfer my fund to indian debit card account.
    If no then please tell me about any third party for that payment

  • jiyuna //

    dear sir,
    my name is jiyuna, and i m from indonesia, i have a question
    i have my payza account, and a have a fund from my credit card.
    and i want to withdraw my payment from emoneybux that need an invest.
    and i invest it using my payza and then turn to payza page and when i confirm to proceed i cant click the methode of payment, and i dont know why, so i cant withdraw my payment on emoneybux,

    can you help me to figure it why, and i m still newbie here
    i hope you help me..

  • Cory Brewen //

    That’s great news, making online payments more accessible is a good thing to do
    Cory Brewen recently posted..operante opinieMy Profile

  • Jagdish Rohit //


    how to withdrawal payza to indian bank account SBI…

    bank transfer option not available for india and cheque system not available for my payza account…… help me plz….
    my payza balance 35,658 $ PLz help me…..

    • Mukesh //

      Payza allows withdraw through cheque in India. If it shows unavailable in your account then you need to contact payza support for further help.

  • TM //

    There is no way you can withdraw from payza in India. Their only approved exchanger was alertexchanger, which has been seized.

    • Mukesh //

      Thanking you for update.

  • Ansuman //

    Can I spend my payza fund in any online shopping site??

  • andreww //

    finally i decided to quit payza, thanks for the nice article and i got lot of information by every one here

  • paul //

    I wana fund my payza account, if any one has payza send me and i send you paypal. i need $40

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