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in Blogger - 26 Mar, 2013
by Paul Smith - no comments
Online Payment Security and Fraud Prevention Tips for Website Owners

The following article contains valuable information that might be helpful for promotion of your business. In fact, an appealing website must provide a secure online payment processing system. Thus, you’ll have to ensure your customers that it is absolutely safe to use your website and buy products.

It is very important for you and your website to reinforce its safety if possible. Safety, easy ordering process will definitely boost your promotion in the future. Of course, people need to be certainly sure about products and services you offer before they could purchase them.

In other words, if a potential customer feels that your payment system is not quite safe, he/she won’t make a purchase. In this manner, there is no need to choose an unknown online payment processor.

SET (secure payment transactions) is created for protecting credit card transactions on the Internet. It ensures that all payment–related data goes to the payment processor only, and no third parties have access to it. Any information regarding payment processor must be displayed on your website concisely and clearly.

Keep in mind that your potential consumers won’t read the Internet sites like they do with the books. In other words, their attention will be paid to large texts, animations, slideshows, images and particular words that grab attention of your visitors. Make sure the information about your payment system is readable and covers a lot of points helpful for the visitors. Nothing should seem to be strange for all those who are going to make online purchases.

Unfortunately, payments and frauds go hand in hand. Of course, we always seek the opportunity to gain goods and services without actual payment. It is a big challenge for the majority of business owners. Depending on your background, you will probably find particular solutions in developing fraud-prevention strategy. As a website owner, you must be aimed at fraud prevention and reduction.

The major credit card brands such as American Express, Master Card, and Visa have been the reliable online payment option during several decades, since e-commerce was born. Moreover, it has been proven that if you don’t accept credit card payments on your site, you lose your potential customers.

Today it is rather necessary to utilize only famous credit card brands as major forms of online payments. Approximately 76% of websites worldwide utilize an option of the above mentioned traditional credit and debit cards. According to Forrester research, in the nearest five years nearly $1 trillion of payment will be proceeded online.

As a rule, reliable payment services allow customers to buy products and services online even without giving out their credit card data and personal details. This alternative became very popular in society. There are a lot of people who simply don’t want make purchases online due to their identity- theft concerns.

According to researches, mobile phones sales have significantly increased over the years. This year, they are expected to reach more than $600 billion. Three alternative payment providers such as PayPal, Amazon, and Google have also extended their services with a mobile payment options.

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