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in Adsense - 25 Jul, 2012
by Mukesh - 2 comments
Google Adsense Account Disabled! Raise Reinstate Appeal

As long as there is a legitimate websites can apply to join the Google Adsense become Adsense content publishers to display Google ads, provides contextually relevant ads on their websites and advertising commissions.

Google does not limit the size of joining the site scale, but for affiliate sites take cheating to get the advertising commission, or in violation of the Google Adsense rules, even as Google Adsense content publishers can not get google advertising commissions.

Google Adsense publisher account canceled usually due to the site behavior is inappropriate. Google ads would be placed in inappropriate web content or location, causing the user clicks on misleading artificial click fraud, as well as stuffing keywords.

The hidden text is counted as a black hat search engine optimization. Many webmaster found on internet their own Google Adsense account is canceled.  How to make your own Google Adsense account is not sealed.

How to make your own Google Adsense account is not blocked:
No one can guarantee your own Adsense account is not blocked because the account is terminated is a matter to be decided by Google adsense team. But as a Google Adsense content publishers, at least you can do: First of all, do not click on your site’s ads, Google clear, “We do not allow you to click the ads on your site for any reason; not to participate in ad clicks Alliance click on the ads with each other; Second, do not do any Google AdSense program policies explicitly declared prohibited content, because no one can ignore Google technical monitoring capabilities.

Google claims are not allowed must not try, or else the result will be his own account is deleted . Google AdSense program policies explicitly mentioned in the part of the acts include: may not be Google ads placed in any non-content pages. Ads not allowed to display as a pop-up window, pop-under, or even in emails.

Google ads placed in the web page just dedicated to the display of advertisements. Web page elements can not cover any part of the advertising and the ad colors must be used to ensure that the user can see all advertising elements such as text and URL. When a click on the Google ads should not result in a new window opens. Webpage can not contain a ‘click here’, ‘support for us’. ‘visit these link (to access these links) or any other, regardless of content, similar terms apply to any Google ads.

Such behavior must the prohibited occur to prevent the inflation of advertiser costs. In addition, publishers may not cause unnatural attention to the website to place Google ads through unsolicited mass e-mail or a third party website. At the same time, publishers can not use any deceit or improper manner to attract or encourage users to click on the referral button.

Publisher shall not be used outside of the text in the “sponsored links” and “advertising” mark on advertising (my opinion). Including at the top of our advertising may be confusion as well as any attempt to link up with the Google ads and Google ads text.

Prohibited acts include (but are not limited to): through repeated manual clicks, repeated manual show to incite others to click on, to incite others to generate impressions, robots, automated click and display generation tools, third-party generate clicks or impressions (e.g pay-per-click, auto-surf, and exchange click programs), service, or any deceptive software.

In addition, the site can not contain violence, hacking, pornography, gambling, the sale of weapons, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs and other content (listed in the Google AdSense program policies for nearly 20 content), nor any search engine optimization cheating such as spam links, copy pages, stuffing keywords, hidden text or hidden links, sneaky redirects pages.

Obviously, Google AdSense established a stringent set of content publishers advertising review system. While the Adsense ads in other language expression of the Google AdSense program policies is not enough popular, but the basic meaning is clear, that is, shall not be used to display advertising as well as users naturally click on the page in the natural behavior, nor shall any inappropriate search engine optimization measures. Otherwise, only to lose the opportunity to earn a keyword advertising as content publishers.

Therefore, can be understood: AdSense can test to join the integrity of the site.   Therefore, for the account of the site is deleted, usually belong to certain aspects of insufficient attention to the cause. First analysis of the site itself, do not rush to criticize the Google Analysis.

Google Adsense will not mistakenly deleted the account of the content publisher? If webmaster did not make any violation of the Google Adsense policy expressly prohibited, will not occur the account is quite used? I personally have not heard of such a situation, but some users have worry about it.

If someone vandalism, repeatedly click on the Google Adsense ads on your site.  Will It cause the account ban? I believe that Google’s technology can determine malicious behavior usually will not count towards the consumption of an advertiser’s click on the ads for malicious. This will not generate Adsense commission. Of course, if it is satisfied that he is innocent, even innocent things happen to appeal to Google can justifiably.

How to appeal for reinstate Google adsense account:
These all tips can possible if only when you are genuine and not involved any illegal activities.

  • Tell to adsense team in polite words, you are not aware or no involvement any illegal activity.
  • Analyze all recent days Google analytic data and send to adsense team.
  • If account disabled due to invalid clicks then analyze last few days adsense earning and offer adsense team you are not interested to get all those earning that comes from invalid click or illegal activity of all those days and you are agree to refund all money to advertiser’s those earning comes with fraudulent activity.
  • Website traffic where it comes find source and fix it if not appropriate.
  • Review your content, website quality, landing page etc (if adsense account disabled violation of webmaster policy).
  • Remove adsense competitive or similar ads from website.
  • Try to get more adsense account reinstated tips from those already done.
  • Follow the adsense forum

When you done all follow and submit policy violation appeal form and wait for reply.

There are many such cases where Google account adsense account reinstated after raising genuine appeal. So before submitting reinstated appeal analyze your past Google analytical data, recent days adsense earning, webmaster policies and content policy.

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  • well i don’t think google adsense cares about reinstating process as of many people have doesn’t got any gain.. but if we really don’t have any participated in illegal activity then i am sure google will reinstate the Account

  • Disabling of Adsense accounts is something not uncommon today. No doubt that Adsense is the best program for monetizing websites but unfortunately, Google is quick enough in disabling Adsense accounts. Adsense accounts are not disabled by humans. They have software that takes all such actions.
    Now here is the point: There are many out there who are with families and live their lives on Adsense, so do you think they will quit after being banned from the Adsense program? Given the fact, there are many who really didn’t carry out invalid clicks! A few of them have 50-100 or more Adsense monetized websites! Certainly they will not stop! So what do they do? They just Reinstate their Adsense accounts or open new Adsense accounts!

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