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in - 27 Feb, 2013
by Mukesh - no comments
Attention for Bloggers: Top 6 BEST Android Applications!

Back in the days of personal computers and plugged internet connections, we are deprived of seating in front of our desktop computers tapping the noisy keys and plugging the cables in our laptops for a stable internet connection.

Now, all of a sudden, everything is happening in fast forward. There is the convenience of tablets and laptops. With the advancement of technology and digital world, there is Wi-Fi internet connection where you can surf the web anytime and anywhere.

Let’s fast-forward more, even our phones can do these amazing stuffs like publishing posts, writing comments and taking notes.

Now, here are the Top 6 BEST Android Applications for a blogger like you.

Blogging is now Android-Ready!

Nowadays, almost all of the online blogging communities have downloadable applications. Whether your blog is in WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or LiveJournal, you can install the blogging platform compatible with your smartphone.

Like in your laptops, you can publish a quick note, edit posts, write comments and update articles. You will also download a customized form of the dashboard of the blogging platform to check on updates and comments you receive.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a site meter which tracks your audience. It is one of the most useful applications you should install in your mobile phones.

It keeps a blog statistics saying how many views you got on a particular day and what are the posts that receive the most traffic. It can also help you to track the visitors’ location, IP address and other metrics you need to know.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Picture editing is a viral thing these days. Adobe Photoshop not only makes your photos more attractive but it also let you create a beautiful gallery of images with artistic effects like sepia and lomo effects. You can also crop unnecessary details, adjust color and directly insert it in your blog!


Something interesting popped out in your mind? Of course, you need to take note of this so as to remember it and include in your next blog post. In Evernote, you do not need the conventional paper and pen to take note of thoughts and significant details.

You just need to install this app and sync all the notes to your computer or to any digital devices. You can edit notes, make to-do lists, take note of pictures and share this with your friends on Twitter or in Facebook.


Browsing other blogs can awaken your curiosity and pin interest in your mind. Pocket application helps you to save these articles and links and view it later.

It allows you to save any type of media form, pictures, videos and news updates. You can sync all these files in your tablet or computer and view these even without an internet connection.

Kingsoft Office

Who would not want an extension of Office programs in a phone right? Kingsoft Office allows you to view documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and PDF files sent to you.

It also allows you to edit these files and make necessary corrections. These are mostly ideal for students and businessmen.

Android has definitely paved the way for a more interactive and convenient method of blogging. There are many ways to keep you updated, making you hip and trendy as ever!

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